Rose of Nature


Late one winter, I was walking the trails out at Rose Lake off Peacock. There is a quiet little stream that pools here and there as it snakes back in forth around the central high ground of the nature area. Coming down off the bridge on my way back to the car, the sun caught the ice on the edges of the eddies in the pool. Walking a little further, I noticed this ice structure at the base of a tree out from the bank. It was in the shade of the tree trunk and appeared to come out of the water. I took a photograph and covered the remaining distance to the car. All that appeared on a screen was a bright spot in the center of the screen. I started my adjusting process, and the image emerged on the screen. I toned it sepia, which gave the ice the golden color as you see it. It was as if a rose had bloomed.

©2007 Joseph Yarbrough

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