Early Fall


The Rose Lake Nature area is vast—in Southern Michigan terms— nature area north and east of Lansing. The section off Peacock Road to the east has some more or less groomed trails. The area is encircled by a small creek to the north and the south. Woodbury Road marks the eastern edge as far as I’ve ever walked. Along the road to the north & east is a large amoeba-shaped lake for which I’ve never been able to gather a name. To say the least, one can wander around just this part of the acreage for hours. The path running the center of the section is straight and runs from Woodbury Road on the east to Peacock Road on the west. One fall, I was taking this center path back to the car, walking basically into the sun, which was coming from the south & west. The leaves were turning, and the light fell nicely to illuminate their decline.

©2007 Joseph Yarbrough

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