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I did not want to go on either of Holland American’s cruises in the Mediterranean. However, Grandma wanted to have a visit at Ephesus. Thus the four of us went on the eastern Mediterranean leg. It was in every way wonderful. There was no place we went that I did not enjoy immensely from Rome to Messina. Ephesus was exceptional. Unlike Olympia, Ephesus had a structure that I could feel and see. Most of all it had enough remaining parts of buildings, from toilets to a grand library to an amphitheater, to begin to envision the place. The amphitheater held 25,000 people, which was ten percent of the ‘citizens’. This is the famous site of Paul’s preaching to the citizens of Ephesus. Ephesus was huge. Our guide said only 25% of the site had been dug out of centuries of alluvial cover. This was a big town. As the tour proceeded down the uneven stone road through the center, we came to a commercial section. This photograph depicts a mosaic sidewalk advertisement for a local establishment — a house of prostitution.

©2006 Joseph Yarbrough

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