Across from Yarnton


I stepped through the entrance gate of Yarnton Manor at six in the early May morning on the first leg of my return trip back to Michigan. I had spent a week in Oxford sleeping in my son’s room in the detached dorm built on the manor grounds. It was time to go home and let him finish his year at Oxford. Yarnton Manor is seven miles north of Oxford outside the little village of Yarnton. The manor house lies a quarter mile to the south of the village down a lane. The manor is home to a school that is affiliated with Oxford University – Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies. A high stone fence surrounds all and contains the house, some outbuildings, the church, a very old graveyard, and what remains of an English garden. Waiting for a cab in the early morning that May, I turned and looked out across this field and fence, which was part of the working farm surrounding the entire manor.

©2003 Joseph Yarbrough

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